DAVIDsTEA 2017 Advent Calendar

It’s that time of the year again, and I’m so excited! This year is special, because I got an early Christmas present/ part-of-my-birthday present from my lovely boyfriend. Here is the DAVIDsTEA 2017 Advent calendar!


The advent calendar comes in this colourful box with this winter scenery and a see through area where you can catch a glimpse of the numbered boxes inside. The packaging box feels pretty strong and hardy.


Opening up the flaps, you’ll get a better look at the actual calendar. They are actually coloured boxes that functions as little drawers for you to pull out and access your teas. The drawers are numbered for the days of the month (24 days until Christmas) and are scrambled in no particular order, which I thought adds an interesting twist to the calendar.

Once you pull out the drawers, you will see that the name of the tea and its brewing instructions listed on the bottom. The tea itself comes in a small sample sized metal tin with a window for you to see the tea leaves. I think one tin is good for approximately 2 servings of tea for me. On the back of the tin is the DAVIDsTEA logo and the name of the tea gain in English and French.

In the centre of the calendar, you will see a red box with a star on it that says ‘Joy Inside’. Wonder what it is?


There is actually a star ornament inside the box, which you can put on your Christmas tree. It also comes with a coupon to buy more tea from DAVIDsTEA.


On the back of the box, you will see all the teas listed with their ingredients and their nutritional facts, plus a hashtag #24daysoftea to use to count down until Christmas.


The teas included are (in no particular order) :

Lemon Pound Cake, White Cranberry Bark, Candy Cane Crush, Coffee Pu’erh, Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine, Alpine Punch, Santa’s Secret, Organic Cream of Earl Grey, Forever Nuts, Organic North African Mint, Glitter & Gold, Raspberry Cream Pie, Buddha’s Blend, Organic the Spice is Right, Caramel Shortbread, Hot Chocolate, Carrot Cupcake, Organic Saigon Chai, Walnut Orange Scone, Sleigh Ride, Chocolate Macaroon, Organic Cinnamon Rooibos Chai, Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait, and Let It Snow.

And if you notice, there’s a note beside the #24daysoftea that says to turn the drawers as you go to reveal a magical winter scene. Being the curious person I am, I wanted to take a look at what it is (here’s a part of it):


It seems like a continuation of the scene they have on the covers of the box, which I thought was a nice surprise to have. It must feel satisfying to try all these teas and turn all the drawers around.

I have to note though, it was difficult to turn them back around because the back doesn’t have the semi-circle space for you to pull out. So, in case you don’t finish using all the tea leaves at once, remember to take the tin out out or wait until you’re finished to turn them around. It will make your life so much easier – tea time shouldn’t be a hassle.

From the few teas that I’ve tried and the names of the teas on the back, I think the DAVIDsTEA 2017 advent calendar would be a great for someone with a sweet tooth.

Enjoy your tea, and you can follow my countdown on instagram to see all 24 teas!



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